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Here at ableMove, we believe in improving day-to-day living for wheelchair users. We do this by promoting greater confidence, freedom, choice and safety in everything we do.

  • Variety of sizes available to suit everyone from young children to large adults
  • Suitable for most wheelchair users
  • Daily use in-situ transfer slings
  • Emergency equipment
  • Wheelchair covers for swimming, showers and any other water activities
  • For travelling such as flying
  • For sports such as swimming and wheelchair football
  • Tested by people with various physical disabilities
  • Tested by people who support or facilitate a person with a physical disability
  • Several of our products are Class 1 medical devices, carrying the CE mark and tested to the relevant ISO standards
  • Starting from £27.99
  • Pay in 3 instalments with Klarna or PayPal


  • ableSling

    • Discreet in-situ transfer sling for hoists and manual transfers
    • 8 handles for manual lifting
    • Looped hoist straps
    • Black
    • Spacer fabric
    • Quick drying
    • Side compartments for seat belts to be securely fastened around the sling
    • Covers and compartments to hide the hoist straps and manual handles when not in use
    • Detachable pouch for storing items
    • Compartment to insert a cushion (or existing wheelchair cushion) inside for pressure relief when out sat out of the wheelchair
    • Two air valve holes so air pressure to the cushions can be easily maintained
    Note: the ableSling does not come with a cushion - this is to be purchased seperately
  • ableSling Lite

    • Discreet in-situ manual transfer sling
    • Foldable head support for individuals who cannot support their neck when being lifted
    • 8 handles for manual lifting
    • Colour - Black
    • Breathable and soft spacer fabric for the skin
    • Extremely quick drying
    • Fantastic for accessing swimming and hydro pools, as well as the sea
    • Non-slip base to reduce the ableSling Lite from sliding on different surfaces
    • Side compartments for seat belts to be securely fastened around the sling
    • Two inserts under the top two handles so the ableHarness can be applied
  • Airport bag

    The Able Move Airport bag includes:
    • 2 x blue padded arm covers
    • 1 x blue leatherette leg strap (one size fits all)
    • 1 x blue Able Move drawstring
    The purpose is too provided added safety when a passenger is being lifted into an aircraft seat with foldable arm rests. The covers are fully padded to prevent skin shearing or bruising if a passenger is knocked into the arm rests during a transfer. The leg strap is designed to help keep a passengers legs together when being transferred on the aisle chair, preventing the need for special assistance too physically hold or support the passengers legs. Products can be wiped over with anti-bacterial wipes for infection control if in direct contact with skin. The bags are for airports to purchase but are available for passengers to buy directly.    
    • A range of different colours
    • Extra layer of safety for those with poor upper body control
    • To be used in conjunction with the ableSling or ableSling Lite
    • Adjustable shoulder straps to position height of straps to desired location and comfort
    • Secure velcro back to adjust tightness around the core
  • ableDry

    • Keeps your wheelchair seating area completely dry
    • Great for water based activities or for those managing incontinence
    • Different sizes for powered or manual wheelchairs
    • Anti-slip base
    • Waterproof backing and water absorbing topper
    • Comes in five different colours - Blue, Purple, Rainbow, Grey and Turquoise
  • ableStrap

    • Range of colours and sizes for children and adults
    • Designed to be applied around the thigh area
    • Great when undertaking sport activities
    • Fantastic for keeping legs together when out of a wheelchair in a seated position
    • Padded (with a fleece lining) leg strap with velcro fastening and a slider buckle to adjust length accordingly
    • Leatherette leg strap with a velcro fastening


Great quality, made life so much easier after a swim or kayaking. I lay it over my chair keeping it 100% dry. It’s very comfortable and surprisingly warm. No more damp cushions. I’ve also used it as a picnic blanket; it’s so versatile! I’m very pleased with my ableDry.

ableDry, Daniel

I recently purchased the ableSling for a flight. I am a wheelchair user and had avoided flying for two years due to injuries arising from manual transfers. The ableSling worked very well. The transfers were smooth and the sling eliminated the risk of injury to me. I have bought other products in the past but none have worked as well. I would strongly recommend this product and I’m now looking forward to my next flight with the ableSling.

ableSling, Aisling

A revolution in air travel for disabled people! I have been paralysed from the neck down for 39 years. When I was younger it was possible to lift me with just my arms and legs – this became painful over time, but now I have found the answer – unless you try it, you will not believe how fantastic it is – the ableSling is a revolution in design and technology for disabled people.

ableSling, Stephen

We are so pleased with our ableSling. We used it to transfer in and out of a beach wheelchair and it was so quick, easy and above all, safe. It has been in the sea and dried out perfectly – enabling our son to have a day at the beach that otherwise would have been too difficult. What a great product.

ableSling, Elise

ableSling is incredible. I’ve used it to fly to competitions when competing for Team GB in Boccia. I can honestly say I’ve never been comfier on a flight. I would usually get lower back pain and increased muscle tone when flying due to the lack of seat support but not with the ableSling. I felt comfortable through all transfers. If you are indecisive about whether to invest in one, I can highly recommend it.

ableSling, Claire

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