Do you do a children’s ableDry version?2021-05-05T10:13:12+00:00

Our Low Back manual version of our ableDry (wheelchair cover) will be the best option for a child.

Will special assistance lift me with the ableSling or ableSling Lite when flying?2021-04-14T08:59:13+00:00

Yes – this is far safer than lifting with no transferring equipment at all.

Every special assistance provider who has worked with our products has reported the ableSeat and ableSeat Lite are simple, effective, quick and safe.

Do you do a children’s size for the ableSling?2021-04-14T08:56:52+00:00

Our smallest size is the best option for children, however it is always best to check the measurements. The measurements for our small ableSling will cater for a cushion up to 15″ in width and length, with back support length up to 21″.

We can do bespoke orders for smaller sizes upon request, but these are subject to quotation and time frames can take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery. Please email with your request if you need a bespoke order to – sales@ablemove.co.uk

Does the ableSeat or ableSeat Lite come with a headrest/support?2021-04-14T08:55:40+00:00

ableSeat – No

ableSeat Lite – Yes: please note, a headrest comes on all on versions of the ableSeat Lite and is non-detachable.

What sizes do you have and how do I measure for the right size?2021-04-14T08:54:40+00:00

The ableSling comes in 4 sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

*Cushion space – this is max space for the insert of a cushion inside the ableSling
**Cushion thickness – this is max thickness of a cushion that will fit inside the ableSling


Total Width

Cushion Space – Width (W) x Length (L)

Cushion Thickness

Seat Depth

Back Height

Small 15.5 – total width Up to 15 (W) x 15 (L) Up to 4 15 19
Medium 16.5 – total width Up to 16 (W) x 16 (L) Up to 4 16 19
Large 17.5 – total width Up to 17” (W) x 17” (L) Up to 4 17 21
X-Large 18.5” – total width Up to 18 (W) x 18 (L) Up to 4 18 21


Sizing chart and measuring:

Using the picture above, measure ‘C’ and ‘K’ in inches of the person that is going to be using the ableSling.
Using those measurements, identify below the best sized ableSling.

  • If C and K are both less than 15.5″ – select small
  • If either C or K are 0.5″ higher than 15.5″ – select medium
  • If C and K are both less than 16.5″ – select medium
  • If either C or K is 0.5″ higher than 16.5″ – select large
  • If C and K are both less than 17.5″ – select large
  • Anything from 17.5″ up to 19.5″ – select x-large

If you are still unsure, please contact us at sales@ablemove.co.uk and we can help further.

Can I put my own wheelchair cushion into the ableSling?2021-04-14T08:53:22+00:00

Yes, if your wheelchair cushion is less than 3″ thick, falls within the width and length measurements of the ableSeat size you have selected, and has a soft base (so the cushion is flexible).

Please note – If you plan to fly with your ableSeat and the wheelchair cushion you are inserting has a firm base (not flexible), we advise you to check with the airline what the aisle width of the aircraft is in which you are travelling, prior to travel. If the aisle width is only 17″ wide and your cushion is 18″ wide with a firm base, you will not be able to go down the aisle on the aisle chair.

Can the ableSlings be used for purpouses other than just flying?2021-04-14T08:50:45+00:00

Absolutely yes – we know from feedback from customers that the ableSling and ableSling Lite can be used for a whole variety of activities such as getting into a beach wheelchair buggy, getting onto a pool hoist with or without the use of a hoist, getting in and out of vehicles, helping get onto a boat, accessing a hot air-balloon, helicopter and so much more. The possibilities are limitless! The ableSling Lite is very good for water based activities as it is able to dry very quickly due to the design and less material than other similar products.

Can the ableSling be used with the Eagle Hoist?2021-04-13T20:28:56+00:00

No – not at this moment in time.


Great quality, made life so much easier after a swim or kayaking. I lay it over my chair keeping it 100% dry. It’s very comfortable and surprisingly warm. No more damp cushions. I’ve also used it as a picnic blanket as well. it’s so versatile! I’m very pleased with my ableDry.

ableDry, Daniel

I recently purchased the ableSling for a flight. I am a wheelchair user and had avoided flying for two years due to injuries arising from manual transfers. The ableSling worked very well. The transfers were smooth and the sling eliminated the risk of injury to me. I have bought other products in the past but none have worked as well. I would strongly recommend this product and I’m now looking forward to my next flight with the ableSling.

ableSling, Aisling

A revolution in air travel for disabled people! I have been paralysed from the neck down for 39 years. When I was younger it was possible to lift me with just my arms and legs – this became painful over time, but now I have found the answer – unless you try it, you will now believe how fantastic it is – the ableSling is a revolution in design and technology for disabled people.

ableSling, Stephen
We are so pleased with our ableSling. We used it to transfer in and out of a beach wheelchair and it was so quick, easy and above all safe. It has been in the sea and dried out perfectly – enabling our son to have a day at the beach that otherwise would have been too difficult. What a great product.
ableSling, Elise

ableSling is incredible. I’ve used it to fly to competitions when competing for Team GB in Boccia. I can honestly say I’ve never been comfier on a flight. I would usually get lower back pain and increased muscle tone when flying due to the lack of seat support but not with the ableSling. I felt comfortable through all transfers. If you are indecisive about whether to invest in one, I can highly recommend it.

ableSling, Claire

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