Helping Clinicians make the best decisions in patient handling

We know that clinicians are critical people in terms of making sure the right products are being used for the right activities. We believe that dignified, safe and comfortable independent living is not a luxury for a person who uses a wheelchair, but a necessity. Nothing is more important to us than making sure your clients are able to live their day to day lives feeling safe, happy and secure. We want your clients to achieve their dreams.

Our range of products are designed to help your clients have a full range of choice in order to find the optimum moving and handling equipment that suits their specific needs. No one is better placed to understand these needs, than you, the clinicians, who work everyday with your clients and know them best.

Our range of slings and accessories have been designed after working closely with people just like you and your clients who understand the importance of patient handling in every part of life. When you help your clients choose one of our products, you can be certain that you are making the best decision for your clients safety, comfort, dignity and freedom.