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A quick message from our Founder

Here at ableMove, we believe in improving day-to-day living for wheelchair users. We do this by promoting greater confidence, freedom, choice and safety in everything we do.

What we do and how we do it

  • All of our products come in different sizes available to accommodate young children to large adults
  • Suitable for most wheelchair users
  • Discreet day to day living in-situ transfer slings
  • Harnesses and leg straps
  • Waterproof wheelchair covers for swimming or for those who manage incontinence to keep the seating area perfectly dry
  • Travel specific equipment for wheelchair users when flying by air
  • For sport activities wheelchair football
  • Tested by wheelchair users
  • Tested by people who support or facilitate wheelchair users
  • Several of our products are Class 1 medical devices, carrying the CE mark and tested to the relevant ISO standards
  • Our ableDry’s are now being made in Latvia, Europe due to volume.
  • Starting from £27.99
  • Pay in 3 instalments with Klarna or PayPal

Ever wondered what wheelchair users go through when travelling by air?

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Watch our initial 2-minute video in partnership with Flying Disabled and after explore how our range of award winning products are improving air travel for wheelchair users around the world.

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Amanda Harnden
Amanda Harnden
Super service
Ivana Ivanovic
Ivana Ivanovic
Very handy to use, helps moving the person quickly, is safe, very well thought of.
geoffrey Schneiderman
geoffrey Schneiderman
Very quick, efficient and friendly service. The product arrived sooner than expected and looks very good. I have not yet had the chance to try it but will hopefully do so soon.
Tony Wright
Tony Wright
Absolutely fine and quick deliver, the item is expensive for what it is. But when you buy anything for disability use anywhere, you pay through the nose.
Sam S
Sam S
Amazing service. The ableMove made transferring on and off the plane, go more smoothly that's for sure. I couldn't afford the harness, so ended up strapping myself in for safety; my trunk balance isn't good. I'll also have to ensure I have a cushion that can fit into it, for my next trip, as the pressure from the plane seats made the flight painful. A great product, and with more knowledge my next trip should be even better. Thank you
Isabelle Binet-Rochette
Isabelle Binet-Rochette
J'ai commandé un siège de transfert sans trop savoir à quoi m'attendre. J'ai été très satisfaite du service à la clientèle qui m'a tenue au courant des étapes à partir de ma commande : les sièges étaient attendus quelques semaines plus tard à cause de délais de production. Le produit est arrivé dans les délais et en excellent état, il est bien fait et facile à utiliser. C'est cher étant donné mon paiement en dollars canadiens, mais on sait que les produits adaptés sont toujours très chers. Je suis heureuse de mon achat, on pourra l'utiliser pour les transferts lors des rendez-vous médicaux, dentaires, et aussi en extérieur dans différentes situations. Par contre mon fils ne peut pas s'appuyer sur le dossier sans tomber sur le dos, alors il ne faut pas avoir cette attente.
charlotte hawkins
charlotte hawkins
Fantastic product, great customer service. We can’t wait to try it out. Thank you
Jade Verlander
Jade Verlander
Easy to order, quick delivery and great products
Crescent Hideaway
Crescent Hideaway
I bought an Ablemove Towel for my guests to use with our accessible hot tub. The delivery was very prompt and our guests have said that it works brilliantly. Well done Josh. Tina xx

Great quality, made life so much easier after a swim or kayaking. I lay it over my chair keeping it 100% dry. It’s very comfortable and surprisingly warm. No more damp cushions. I’ve also used it as a picnic blanket; it’s so versatile! I’m very pleased with my ableDry.

ableDry, Daniel

I recently purchased the ableSling for a flight. I am a wheelchair user and had avoided flying for two years due to injuries arising from manual transfers. The ableSling worked very well. The transfers were smooth and the sling eliminated the risk of injury to me. I have bought other products in the past but none have worked as well. I would strongly recommend this product and I’m now looking forward to my next flight with the ableSling.

ableSling, Aisling

A revolution in air travel for disabled people! I have been paralysed from the neck down for 39 years. When I was younger it was possible to lift me with just my arms and legs – this became painful over time, but now I have found the answer – unless you try it, you will not believe how fantastic it is – the ableSling is a revolution in design and technology for disabled people.

ableSling, Stephen

We are so pleased with our ableSling. We used it to transfer in and out of a beach wheelchair and it was so quick, easy and above all, safe. It has been in the sea and dried out perfectly – enabling our son to have a day at the beach that otherwise would have been too difficult. What a great product.

ableSling, Elise

ableSling is incredible. I’ve used it to fly to competitions when competing for Team GB in Boccia. I can honestly say I’ve never been comfier on a flight. I would usually get lower back pain and increased muscle tone when flying due to the lack of seat support but not with the ableSling. I felt comfortable through all transfers. If you are indecisive about whether to invest in one, I can highly recommend it.

ableSling, Claire

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