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The UK’s favourite disability lifestyle publication, Able Magazine has awarded Able Move a 4 star rating for its Able Move product.

Able Magazine reviews the best products in the marketplace in order to give disabled people a benchmark to look for as they purchase new disability specific equipment and assistive technology. Products are rigorously tested in four areas and given an overall score based on how they were judged regarding: how well the product is made and how user friendly it is, if it looks good, how innovative it is and if it represents good value for money.

Able Magazine has been writing about disability issues and the best in disability products for 25 years and has developed a trusted voice within the disability community. Gaining a star rating means that the product will be showcased in the publication and in front of a readership of disabled people and their carers who want to make informed choices regarding their purchases.

Editor of Able Magazine, Tom Jamison said: “We take great care to see things from the disabled person’s point of view. It’s not just about how well a product works, it’s about ‘can I live with it?’ ‘Does it look good?’ Great products bring together form and function, be it a new car or a simple gadget to make life that little bit easier.

It’s great when we see a cracking product that will genuinely help a disabled person in their day-to-day life.”

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