We asked Claire Taggart, a GB Boccia Paralympian to write a personal review about her recent wheelchair transfer experience boarding an aircraft using the easyTravelseat when flying to a Boccia game in Zagreb, Croatia.


Claire’s version of event’s


Having arrived at my hotel at Heathrow, I received the easyTravelseat which Josh had left at reception to be picked up by me. I tried it out in the hotel room before heading out for dinner, immediately impressed by the stability of the seat, quality of the stitching and straps.

Wheelchair transfers with easyTravelseat, ready for flying on an aircraft as a disabled passenger

I decided to use the seat without my standard wheelchair cushion as I felt too tall, and my foot plates aren’t adjustable but for other wheelchair users with adjustable arm rests / foot plates, sitting on it on top of your wheelchair cushion shouldn’t be an issue.

I found that the easyTravelseat was sticking to the Velcro on my power chair base, making it difficult to prise me from the wheelchair, I overcame this minor issue by putting a towel on the base of my chair, meaning there was no friction or sticking. On the morning of my flight, I had my easyTravelseat positioned into my chair, and I transferred onto that once I got up. I sat on the easyTravelseat from 5 am that morning through to arriving at our hotel at 3 pm in Croatia.

Special Assistance lifting disabled passenger to aisle chair

Transferring onto the plane was simple, I felt secure with the straps of the aisle chair, but also the fact I was comfortable for the short period on the aisle chair. I found the lifting by the assistance staff seamless, and it was much more dignified than the staff having to lift under my arms/knees. The thing I love most about the easyTravelseat is how dignified it looks, you don’t look like you are sitting on a sling, it’s very discrete and, compromise on being comfortable over functionality.

Special Assistance lifting disabled passenger to aisle chair

The assistance staff who helped me into my seat were impressed with it, how easy it was for them to lift me, and how safe it felt to lift. Whilst on the 3 hr flight I was comfortable throughout with no pain in my lower back like I would usually experience when sitting on a chair without postural support and cushioning.

Wheelchair transfer to aircraft with easyTravelseat

If you are worried about traveling via plane or being in a situation where transferring will be difficult, I can wholly recommend easyTravelseatfootplates makes a complex scenario simpler and more comfortable.



Thank you, Claire, for your honest feedback and congratulations on winning 2 medals at the event! We’d like to think the easyTravelseat played its part in your recovery and helped towards the medals and it seems there are many more to come.


Claire’s feedback is now being used to part of our answers on an FAQ page, which shall be shared on our website very soon! We will notify you when its ready!