ableMove and The Hydration Foundation (THF) partner to encourage better Hydration for disabled people by providing a free Hydrant bottle with every ableSeat purchase.

The Hydrant Bottle Range

Dehydration is the biggest single issue in healthcare, and one of the main causes is the lack of easy access to fluids for people with limited mobility. Those recovering or receiving care in hospital, a hospice or at home who are unable to reach, lift, or hold drinks without help are at risk of dehydration.

Founder of ableMove, Josh Wintersgill has a muscular wastage condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which over time has made drinking independently more difficult. With the deterioration and weakness, Josh subconsciously would avoid drinking.

“For years, I have suffered with dehydration. My urine would always be very dark throughout the day and I suffer with a lot of fatigue. Family and carers are always saying, Josh you need to drink more. But I always subconsciously avoid it because it requires a lot of effort to lift bottles, particularly now I am getting weaker. So, when I saw the Hydrant I had to contact Mark and get myself one.”

Josh Wintersgill, Founder of ableMove

The Hydrant refillable water bottle solves the problem for healthcare staff, carers and patients, simply by closing the gap between the drinker and the drink. For people like Josh, it delivers independence and dignity for those who would otherwise struggle to stay hydrated. It allows carers to accurately measure fluid intake and frees up more time for them to care for people in other ways.

“Josh is a primary example of someone who struggles to access fluids independently and easily. It reemphasises why the Hydrant is so critical and I am so glad he is seeing the improvements and using the Hydrant in different aspects of his day to day life.”

Mark Moran, Founder of The Hydration Foundation

The unique, patented, award-winning Hydrant water bottle clips, hooks or hangs using the brilliantly simple one-piece cap/hook/handle. It attaches to beds, chairs, wheelchairs, bikes, pushchairs, drip stands…virtually anywhere. 

Josh using the Hydrant during a shooting competition

“I clip it on my wheelchair when working, driving, or on the side of the bed. I even clip it to my jacket while shooting air rifle (see photo below). I can drink now without having to ask. I was so thrilled with my increased hydration, I had to meet Mark to see how we could collaborate together. I am pleased to say with every ableMove we rent or sell. The Hydration Foundation will provide our customer with a free Hydrant. Being able to promote and encourage better hydration from my own experiences, with the support of ableMove and The Hydration Foundation is simply incredible. I am extremely thankful to Mark for making this happen.” 

Josh Wintersgill

“Every time I meet Josh, it is clear of the impact he wants to make in the world. I am pleased that The Hydration Foundation can support Josh in achieving this. I very much look forward to suppling and seeing easyTravelseat customers with Hydrants in the future. 

Mark Moran

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ableMove –

ableSeat (also known as easyTravelseat) is an award-winning and life changing transfer device for wheelchair users when travelling particularly by air and is part of the easy family of brands. Joshua Wintersgill, the Founder of ableMove created the device through his own experiences and challenges of flying as a wheelchair user. Josh won the UK Disabled Entrepreneur Awards in 2018 and crowned Great British Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019.

The Hydration Foundation –

Mark Moran MBE, the Founder of Hydrate for Health lived with limited movement for months, following spinal surgery in 2005. He noticed how difficult it was to get enough to drink, with the jug and glass by his bed either empty or impossible to reach, lift and hold. In short, he was unable to drink without assistance and at risk of dehydration. Mark’s Hydrate for Health won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the Innovation category – the highest accolade for business success in the UK and went on to receive an MBE in 2013.